Good Choice Reading – Guest Post by Larry

At Good Choice Reading, Larry talks about the setting of The Priest and the Peaches, “Imagine if you could step back into my Bronx world (I moved to New Jersey in 1967 when I got married) you might find it a bit different. Let me start with ‘feeling safe.'”
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Mother Gamer Writer – Guest Post by Larry

At Mother Gamer Writer, Larry talks about writing for a young adult audience in The Priest and the Peaches, “I would suggest that your writing should be be honest and straight-forward. Avoid being too ‘slick’ or ‘tricky.’ Kids are too smart for that and you will not win them over. But, you must make them think.”

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Hardcover Feedback – Interview with Larry & Giveaway

At Hardcover Feedback, Larry recommends the YA read, Under The Same Sky by Cynthia DeFelice. “It’s about a 14-year-old who goes to work with migrant workers on his father’s farm to earn some money and learns some life-changing lessons about being with folks who are ‘different.'”

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Ascroft, eh? – Guest Post by Larry

At Ascroft, eh?, Larry talks about The Priest and the Peaches while mulling over whether a story set in the past, within living memory, can be an historical fiction.

“I realized that the time frame I was dealing with was almost 50 years ago. I discovered that the advantage for me, as a writer and having actually experienced those days, was that they are part of who I am. The result is, when writing about the time frame, you can ‘feel’ it. You were there and the sounds and sights and people are indelibly embedded in your mind.”

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Giving N Sharing – Character Guest Post by Teddy's girlfriend, Sarah

At Giving N Sharing, read Sarah’s diary entry from The Priest and the Peaches, “It is New Year’s Day and my own mother is not talking to me because I did not get home until this morning. She knows the car would not start. She knows it was only 5 degrees outside. But, it’s all about Teddy. Always about Teddy. It isn’t fair.”

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