The Plot Thickens – Interview with Larry

At The Plot Thickens, Larry talks about the plot in The Priest and the Peaches, “The book takes the reader on a journey where the importance of faith, love and belief in God can prove to be an invaluable ally in trumping the challenging and pressure filled world of creditors, past due bills, an empty refrigerator, having no money, and many other things adults have to deal with. These kids are raw rookies who have been unexpectedly thrust into the ‘big leagues.'”

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Lissette E. Manning – Review

Lissette E. Manning reviews The Priest and the Peaches, “We’re able to watch a family grow within a period of seven days while faced with an adversity that, at times, seems to want to topple the family altogether. The fact that they’re able to bounce back and find strength and meaning within the very world they live in goes to show us that anything is possible only if you believe.”

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aobibliosphere – Review

aobibliosphere reviews The Priest and the Peaches, “I am an orphan myself and the eldest child too. I can relate well with Teddy, the eldest brother, as he gathers his wits about him now that he takes over his late father’s role as head of the family. The circumstances and intensity may be different but the emotions he felt were real and familiar because i went through them at one point in my life.”

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