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The Perversion of "Love & Kindness"; Belgium OKs Euthanasia for Children;

by Larry Peterson

Three months ago  the civilized, highly sophisticated nation of Belgium looked on as  the collective wisdom of the upscale Belgium Social Justice Committee coagulated into making a recommendation to Parliament that they should approve a bill which would legalize euthanasia for children.  Well now, what do you know?   Belgium’s lawmakers heeded the advice and OVERWHELMINGLY voted to extend the country’s euthanasia law to children under 18 (they have had the law in place for adults since 2002) .  They passed this bill on February 13th. The nation awoke on the morning of Valentine’s Day ready and willing to enjoy the holiday sharing love with each other. But this Valentine’s Day came with a new twist.  They found out that once King Phillippe signed the bill just passed kids can willingly, surrounded by a LOVING support group which will include parents, doctor and shrink, “happily and mercifully” kill themselves.

How loving, how compassionate, how civilized so many people have become.  There is wide public support from the Belgian people (unbelievably predominantly catholic) for this bill  which passed  by a 2 to 1 majority. Socialist, Hans Bonte, said, “all Belgians, including MINORS, deserved the right to bid farewell to life in humane circumstances without  having to fear they were breaking the law”.  Heaven forbid, can you imagine a seriously ill child dealing with the added burden of fearing they might also break a  law?  Are you kidding me?  One independent House member, Laurent Louis, stood up and said that the majority of his colleagues were violating the natural order.  “A child is to be nurtured and protected, all the way to the end, whatever happens. You do not kill it.”  He was mocked.

The Catholic Church and the Belgian clergy are vehemently opposed and have been right along. But they  are  those “old, out of touch, church leaders telling people what they should and should not do.  Well , God bless them.  Those “old fools” are standing tall in the face of an evil that has embraced a once beautiful country which has now turned ugly wrapped in a shroud of secularism.   Belgian law now allows for the killing of sick children .  How have so many  been able to advance into the meistic, secular world of the 21st century where deciding who should live and die  is the preferred  virtue of goodness. When did the folks who are “stuck”  in the conscience driven world  of God first, followed by family and country and who defend ALL life, get relegated to the ranks of the “ungood”?

The Catholic Church is not in a popularity contest with the secular world.  It is also not in a popularity contest with those who proclaim to be Catholic yet defy the church’s teachings.  The Church is the way to the Truth and it is defending and protecting the faith it was created to defend.  It defends the right to life of all,  from the unborn to the sick, disabled, deformed, mentally challenged, elderly and those simply unwanted. It is standing tall in Belgium and saying, “NO!” to this abomination.  At what point in time did secular mankind decide that it could “kill” as an act of love?  Is it because “love” is all about kindness and virtue and they were the ones who embraced it? How sanitized yet preposterous is that? No, the “love” of the secular world is about self-love before all else. People know best and those in power are omniscient.

How sad this all is that  folks who respect the very dignity,  beauty and miraculous creation of each life have suddenly been “flipped” into the category of “heartless and cruel” by a secular world that defiles all those who might dare disagree with it?  Tear down the crosses, ban the name of God, ridicule the churches and their priests and nuns. This hypocrisy is not “love” but rather, “anti-love”.  Don’t these people understand the dark underbelly of this entire concept?  Apparently, they do not.  But they have chosen to take the road of personal gratification deifying their own selves. And that is what happens when God is removed from the equation of life…you come to believe you have the right to kill children. How did we ever become so civilized?

The Sophisticated Barbarism of Euthanasia for Children

by Larry Peterson

I love the Christmas season and throughout my life I have never allowed grinches, grumps, gripers, and all of their grouchy, surly kind to diminish for me what the true meaning of Christmas is and the happiness it brings to so many. Then  along came Christmas season, 2013. A week after Thanksgiving  I was clobbered and knocked senseless by a story I read. Just like that my Christmas smile evaporated.  What wiped the smile off my face is what is going on in Belgium. Yeah–that’s right, Belgium. A civilized European nation of over ten million refined, well educated people. Well now, these culturally advanced and  sophisticated folks are about to pass a law that allows euthanasia for children. BOOM!  It was like a right cross to my jaw and I was staggered . I have regained my balance but I am still shaking my head.  Alas, I should not have been shocked. Belgium has allowed euthanasia since 2002.  But this—this is about children.

This twisted, “civilized” plan goes like this. First of all a “terminally-ill minor”, has to be judged capable of deciding for him or herself  that the pain is “unbearable and cannot be alleviated”. This decision is based on advice from a medical team. Parental approval is then required. Then the child can say “Okay Doc, pull the plug. I’m outta here.” To me, a simple, blue-collar Catholic man  here are a few oxymorons for you. I say this is nothing more than enlightened depravity bordering on humane barbarism. Who do you people think you are that you can decide the fate of children based on your perverted sense of virtue?

Belgium is a predominantly Catholic country of  about ten and a half million people. That number also presents a microcosm of the ‘civilized’ world that we are part of.   Amazingly, three quarters of the population is in favor of euthanasia for children. The bishops and other religious leaders in the country have warned such measures risk “destroying the functioning of society”. Nirj Deva, a founder of the Dignitatis Humanae Institute, told Zenit News that ‘all Belgians ought to be terrified by the implications of this proposed law.”  You think?

Let’s imagine a 12-year old girl named “Chrissy”. She has cerebral palsy. Her illness has not affected her cognitive function and she thinks clearly and is quite intelligent. She does have difficulty swallowing and has frequent hip subluxation (dislocation). In addition, the child suffers from epilepsy. Chrissy has lived with serious pain her entire life. The years have taken a toll on her parents because they cannot stand to see their child suffer as she does. So, one afternoon, Chrissy’s primary, Dr. Egoman, suggests to the parents that Chrissy does not have to suffer this way and does not have to have a substandard life. And he reminds them that they will grow old and asks what will happen to their daughter. He suggests that they might discuss this with Chrissy and ask her what she “thinks”. After all, it is HER LIFE. Just think about it. How easy it would be to convince Chrissy that she could have a wonderful life with the angels, never have pain again and all she would have to do is go to “sleep”. And of course, it is mommy and daddy  telling her it is a wonderful thing. They love her and will be with her when she goes to “sleep”. Tell me that will be that child’s OWN life decision.  Chrissy “decides” to say good-bye and goes to sleep–permanently. This example is not far-fetched.

This is messed up folks, very messed up. For crying out loud, it has been proven in Belgium that most requests for adult euthanasia have nothing to do with pain but, rather, it is requested because people are lonely, depressed or even just tired of living. It does not matter. The draft of the bill allowing child euthanisia has cleared the Belgium Social Justice Committee(don’t you love that–whose justice?) and now goes to parliament where it will soon be voted on. It is expected to pass. There is widespread public indifference and the media, as in America, is silent. Maybe the indifference has to do with people not knowing about it.

Christmas will be here soon. The child Jesus was instantly hated by a King named Herod. This man wanted to kill a baby because he feared losing his throne. So, ruled by jealousy and hate, Herod committed the barbaric act of killing hundreds if not thousands of children.  Fast forward two thousand plus years. Child euthanasia becomes the “humane” act of using “love” to convince children to kill themselves. Which is truly the barbaric?

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