Another Attempt to Break Down the Doors of the Confessional


by Larry Peterson

The Sacrament of Penance is a magnificent gift we Catholics have been given and the beauty of its effectiveness is encapsulated into what is known as the Seal of Confession.  Anyone who goes to confession has the absolute certainty that whatever he or she confesses to the priest will NEVER,  no matter what, leave that confessional.  Confession is between the penitent and Christ.  The priest represents Christ and is able to talk to the penitent, advise and counsel them, or simply listen to them.  When the person is finished confessing the priest asks that person to say an “Act of Contrition”.  This is when the person expresses their sorrow for the sins they have confessed.  Then the priest imparts Absolution .  It is one of the most beautiful prayers there is and this is where God is called upon to give pardon to the sinner.

 Not all judges, politicians and lawyers are secularists; but there are many who are.  It seems that many of these folks are ideologically bent and have become true Machiavellians (people that believe that the “end justifies the means”).  Forget “Natural Law”,  cast out common sense, trash the Ten Commandments, because none of that matters anymore.  As long as the needs of those demanding “change” are satisfied we have attained “virtue”. This is “hogwash” but the Supreme Court of Louisiana thinks differently.  It has ruled that  Father Jeff Bayhi, a priest for 35 years, a man who has served the poor and downtrodden and worked hand in hand with Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, may have to testify about an “alleged” confession.

Apparently, a girl who was 14 in 2008, says she went to confession to Father Bayhi at the time and told him that she was abused by a now dead parishioner.  The girl’s parents sued Father Bayhi and the Diocese of Baton Rouge for failing to report the abuse. The parents won their case in district court which said that Father Bayhi must testify.  Louisiana’s First Circuit Court of Appeals overturned that decision but then the State Supreme Court once again sided with the parents.  The state’s highest court said that Father Bayhi may be subject to “mandatory reporting” laws regarding sexual abuse and cannot invoke the privilege of “confidentiality”.  There you have it;  the “virtue of secularism”.  It is not enough to have this young woman, who is now 20 years old, tell the police and state’s attorneys her story.  It is not enough to have years of  the documentation on hand that is required to even pursue the case.  The accused abuser is dead.  SO–let’s get the priest to violate the “Seal of the Confessional”.  The accused abuser never confessed and, even if that were the case, the Seal of the Confessional is inviolate. The priest is bound to silence, silence forever.

Our nation is founded under the Judeo-Christian principle which is followed by Natural Law.  Our First Amendment guarantees Freedom of Religion.  A foundational doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church, which has been in effect for two thousand years and is part of a Sacrament instituted by Christ Himself, mandates that the “Seal of Confession”  is absolute and inviolable.  A priest must NEVER break the Seal.  He cannot even admit that someone went to confession to him.  No-one, not even the Pope himself, can mandate a priest violate this oath.  The priest would have to suffer the civil and criminal consequences, even death if necessary, rather than betray this most sacred of trusts.

The Diocese of Baton Rouge explained in their statement that, “a priest is under the gravest of obligations NOT to reveal the contents of a confession or if the confession even took place.  He cannot do so even under threat of imprisonment or civil penalty, and incurs automatic excommunication if he breaks the “seal of confession”.  The Church takes this pretty serious, don’t you think?

The secular world has grown not only intrusive into the world of Catholicism but it has become overly obnoxious, nasty, vitriolic and downright hateful.  Under the banner of “virtue” secularism honors abortion, euthanasia and sexual promiscuity as a right and a necessity akin to breathing and eating and sleeping.  These secularists, some who claim to be Catholic, support these behaviors and are against any kind of “moral” boundaries.  Sadly, many court decisions support their beliefs.  One thing they need to understand–they can NEVER nullify, invalidate or strike down the magnificence and profound power of the “Seal of Confession”. Do not be surprised if this case winds up in the United States Supreme Court.

On the anniversary of his martyrdom we remember St. Maximilian Kolbe

 On this date in 1941, Father Maximilian Kolbe, a Franciscan priest and a prisoner of the Nazi’s incarcerated at the Auschwitz death camp, traded his life to save the life a man who had a family. They starved him for ten days and then finished him off with an injection of carbolic acid. He was 47 years old. He was canonized a saint on Oct 10, 1982 by JPII and is the patron of drug addicts and the imprisoned. The man he saved was reunited with his family after the war and was present at St. Maximilian’s canonization. St. Maximilian Kolbe, pray for us.

St. Maximilian Kolbe
                                                       Fr.Maximilian Kolbe 1939.jpg                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


"For This Unborn Child, Mom Had Her Back"

Ten minutes away from the house was a hospital and the paramedics wanted to take her there. She had lost a lot of blood and they were concerned for her life. She was 33 years old and had three kids. The risk was too great. She did not care. “NO! NO! NO! You have to take me to Holy Name.”

“But it is too far. It is more than a half hour drive. Do you want to die?”

“I don’t give a damn. I’ll be fine. I want this child treated properly and if she is not going to make it I want her baptized.”

There was no concern for her own well being. At that very moment it was she and her unborn baby against the world and she was the only one who cared. If her child was going to die she would definitely have lived first. She would have existed. She was a person, God’s gift to a family and to the world no matter how supposedly insignificant. Her momma had her back. They relented and headed to Holy Name Hospital.

When the ambulance pulled into the emergency room entrance her husband was waiting and so was Father Murray, the priest from nearby Holy Trinity Catholic Church. As they removed the gurney from the ambulance the blood had soaked upward past her head and was already matted in her hair. The emergency room doctor looked and said, “Oh my God, get her upstairs stat. Let’s hurry.”

The baby girl did not make it. She was baptized by the priest and her mom survived despite a tremendous loss of blood. Some of the folks on staff were amazed that she had, in fact, made it.

This woman, who was also my wife, had an innate need to protect her unborn daughter. It did not matter how big this baby was. It did not matter if the child was three or five or six years old or still unborn. Her mom needed to protect her. It was not crazy or ridiculous or stupid what she did. It was heroic. She was willing to die for her child, born or unborn. She would have taken a bullet if that is what had been necessary. Nothing else mattered except saving her baby. That is love my friends. Plain and simple.

Theresa Mary Peterson was born on September 6, 1978. Theresa Mary Peterson died on September 6, 1978. On October 3, 1978, Theresa Mary, her remains in a tiny white casket, was transported by limousine to Gate of  Heaven Cemetery in Valhalla, NY. She was interred with her grandparents. Her mother saved her because her mother was willing to die for her. Because of that heroic effort the world knows that Theresa Mary did exist even though she had only  breathed for a few moments. There is no difference with time in   God’s world.  Everything takes place in the “eternal now”.  One second, one day, 100 years–no difference. So, it does not matter how old she was.

As hundreds of thousands, (many of them young folks) participate in the March for Life today,  we should remember that  when they mention a number like 55,000,000 abortions over 40 years, it has taken one person at  a time to reach that number. One person like Theresa Mary, whether smaller or bigger than she, but one  person nonetheless. Finally,to all the moms (dads too) who have lost children through miscarriages, God bless you all. That was a true loss of a family member  and “not for the best” as some might have suggested. You had every right to grieve. Losing a child is a terrible thing.

"Truly An Amazing Story" I cried & laughed

Review Redux:

5.0 out of 5 stars The Priest and the Peaches, April 2, 2012
Arlena (Broken Arrow, OK, United States) – See all my reviews
This review is from: The Priest and the Peaches (Kindle Edition)

Author: Larry Peterson
Published By: Tribute Books
Age Recommend: 14+
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Raven Rating: 5
Blog Reviewed For: Great Minds Think Aloud

This was truly an amazing story of The Yimey Peach Family from the Bronx, New York. “The Priest and the Peaches” story started with five children being newly orphaned and their struggle to survive together as a family. With the help of the Father Tim Sullivan steering them to make good and wise decisions the children were able to overcome many obstacles that were presented to them. And in the end this Peach Family got a surprise from a person who had once been their enemy, was now there for them showing much love.

I really did enjoy reading this novel. It did cause me to cry a little but I also laughed at so much of it too. The story really makes one think of just what really could happen when you are an orphan. The book is really a page turner. I believe Mr. Larry Peterson did a excellent job with the telling of this story “The Priest and the Peaches” and I definitely would recommend this novel to all. The Priest and the Peaches” was a excellent read!