The Elliott Review

The Elliott Review
March 2, 2011

Blog Tour & Review: Slippery Willie’s Stupid, Ugly Shoes by Larry Peterson

by Jessi Elliott

This picture book about self-acceptance is very cute and whimsical while containing a very important lesson for children. Because Willie believes that his shoes are awful and unacceptable, he puts a lot of pressure on himself – to the point of dreaming about all the horrible things that will happen if he wears his shoes. The idea of differences being okay is a very important one that children can definitely benefit from.

This book can be used as a platform to discuss with children what makes people different from each other – be it race, disability, personality, background, etc. – and teach them the appropriate response to anyone that is different – themselves or others.

With vivid, interesting pictures, this book is definitely great conversation starter for parents, students, and teachers.