Another 5 STAR unbiased review for The Priest & The Peaches

The book has been out for over a year and below are two  reviews. One  is brand spanking new and the other is almost one year old.  This book, based on a true story, is about blue-collar folks living and working and sharing their lives together in a tough NYC south Bronx neighborhood. The untimely death of the widower, Yimey Peach,  leaves his five kids to fend for themselves. Father Tim Sullivan, the parish priest, quietly guides them on their parentless journey starting with their father’s somewhat raucous New Year’s Eve Funeral. Characters such as Migrane Magrane, Fadeaway Walker, Little Red Coffey and others lead a bizarre contingent of family friends who are there to bid their friend Yimey, a Happy New Year. Only problem is they have usually had way too much to drink. Even the neighborhood shrew, the despised Beatrice Amon, gets involved–VERY involved. This book is funny, sad and definitely inspirational. See the two reviews below or go to Amazon where there 46 reviews posted,  mostly with 4 or 5 stars

5.0 out of 5 stars Well done, February 26, 2013
This review is from: The Priest and the Peaches (Kindle Edition)

Peterson has created a captivating novel that stars a large cast of unique characters who keep you enticed and make you not want to set your e-reader down even though it may be well past your bedtime! Your heart will be touched as you journey with the children. A few well placed unexpected twists add to the story, surprising the reader. A great read

5.0 out of 5 stars The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways, April 10, 2012
This review is from: The Priest and the Peaches (Kindle Edition)

Here is an alert to this book. Make sure you have a box of tissue ready. You will either laugh until you cry and you will cry at the sad moments. This book is that good. It is amazing to me how together these five orphans were. There was never any doubt in their minds that they all wanted to be together. The older two children who are in their late teens could have easily said nope I do not want the responsibility of caring for my younger siblings. They stepped up to the plate and decided that they did. To me that in itself speaks volumes. Teenagers are normally in their own little world not looking out for anyone but number one. ( Believe me I know I have 2 of my own.) The Peach family is a family that you will fall in love with. I found this book to be highly entertaining. I loved how be kind to others is a main theme of this book. How one good deed can turn into many more.

If you are interested in finding out more about Larry Peterson and his writings you can check out Tribute Books or his blog.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

My Message to MY Pope, "LOVE YA MAN–It is ALL GOOD"

Pope Benedict XVI, this quiet, unpretentious, holy man with the brilliant mind will vacate the Papacy effective February 28, 2013. He is 85 years old and has accepted the fact that his frail body cannot  adequately perform the duties required of the awesome position to which he was entrusted. It is “ALL GOOD”. We Catholics believe that the church is the “bride of Christ” and that the Holy Spirit is always there to guide it. Personally, I am in awe as I watch this beautiful process unfold. I have not an iota of concern about the future of the Church or about the next Pope. This institution has been around for 2000 years, no problem.

Over the next several weeks the print and broadcast media will bombard us with their insight and the gaggle of expert pundits will tell us what is going on within the church. They know nothing of course and have probably (most of them anyway) been trashing and criticizing the church for years on church teaching (birth control, abortion, women priests, celibacy etc). Now suddenly they will be theologians and will share with an uneducated public their babble. I do not care. It is “ALL GOOD”. What I might advise all these newly ordained experts to do is to maybe make a visit to a nearby Catholic church and sit in front of the altar where the Blessed Sacrament is reposed in the tabernacle (I do not have to explain any of this to experts) and sit and LISTEN. Just sit there quietly and LISTEN. No talking, just LISTENING, to your heart. Maybe you might learn something useful to pass onto the folks.

Lent begins tomorrow with Ash Wednesday. It is a forty day journey that leads us to new-life, a rebirth, the Resurrection. It is a time for prayer, penance, alms-giving and self-denial. Millions of Catholic/Christians observe these traditions every year. It does not make the news. Countless people who have found  Christ will be welcomed into the church during the Easter Vigil when they are baptized and receive the sacraments and become Catholic. This will not make the news. It does not matter. It is “ALL GOOD”.

From a blue-collar catholic guy to my Pope, Benedict XVI…—“LOVE YA MAN”

My New Chair "Rocks & Rolls". YES!!!!

I am looking at my blog posts for 2013. There are three. One from January 1, one from Jan 16. and one from Jan 25. I am quite embarrassed. How could I only post three times in six weeks. Today is February 9. Look, no one may even be reading these posts but that doesn’t matter. As a writer, besides working on my books, and making my daily, feeble attempts to socially network, I should also be posting commentary. What have I been doing? Where have I been? Whas up?

Look, I hate making excuses but due to some serious back problems I have been moving around very, very slowly and deliberately. Four herniated lower discs will do that to a person and as those nerve bundles get pressed upon it is like staring at the NewYork skyline during the Independence Day fireworks display. In my case the fireworks are smashing back and forth inside my back and have been doing so since October last. So, how do you sit at a keyboard and merrily type away? Well, you don’t for very long. Plus, you are easily distracted from a focused train of thought that lasts more than 20 seconds.
Well, I have good news. After the MRI’s weaved  their wondrous tale about my back-in-crisis, my doctor wanted me to go to a neurologist for pain relief. Being a masochist I refused. “I want it to get better, doc. I’m not looking to hide what’s wrong and I am not taking pain meds. I want to fix the problem.” Yes, I have been told I am an idiot (not by the doctor). So be it. I have been called a lot worse.
My doctor and I negotiated. I was given a script for physical therapy and I agreed that if it did not work (he did not feel that it would) I would do the neurologist thing. Onward to the Physical Therapy Rehab place and that was at the end of December. I finished with them last Thursday. I have been prodded and pulled and twisted and even had elbows pressed into my upper back and dragged down to my lower back. Seems that over the years parts inside my torso  have traveled to places unintended.. The PT folks were simply trying to cajole those parts back to where they belong. How I had a twisted rib-cage was beyond my comprehension.

Besides the PT treatments I have faithfully worked out at least three times a day, without fail, stretching and prodding and  even conversing with my back which is nothing more to me right now than an invading poltergeist. The things I have said to my pesky demon I cannot put in print lest I be  de-bloggered or something. Suffice it to say I have given Ralphie’s dad (Christmas Story) a run for his money. Anyway, all of that helped but I still could not sit very long at the keyboard. Then it happened.The GOOD NEWS I mentioned earlier was pushed into my life and under my keister.

My physical therapist, Pam, introduced me to the Exercise Ball (some call it a Yoga Ball). I call it a huge beachball. Its circumference is almost seven feet. It is my new chair. YES!!! It took a few days but I have it down to only a few roll-offs a day. You sit and balance and you have to keep your body straight. I have three printed sheets of various exercises that I am supposed do with the “ball”. So far I have only rolled off and whacked my head two times, my elbow once and ripped a gash in my hand as I tried to keep myself on the ball as I rolled sideways and grabbed the metal rail on my keyboard table. When I get up from the ball, no pain in my butt or in the old Glutes. I love it.

Bottom line–I just sat and typed up this masterpiece. Loving my Exercise Ball. YES!!!!!

                                           ©Larry Peterson 2013 All Rights Reserved