Larry's First Post

So, my blog says to me, “Hey, Larry, every day for two weeks you look at me for a minute and then ignore me. What’s your problem?”

I say, “Yeah, so what. I look at you and have nothing to say. Whatever.”

Blog says, “And you think you’re a writer. Give me a break. That’s like taking a bicycle for a walk. I think you’re brain is stuck in neutral.”

“Look man, I don’t care what you think. Truth is, I’m just not sure what to say to you.”

“You wrote a book, didn’t you?”


“Well, start there. Tell me about it.”

“You already know about it. It’s the name of the blog, it’s YOU, dummy.”

“You now what, Larry You’re ticking me off. Don’t call me a “dummy” because you named me which makes you the ‘dummy” and how am supposed to know what “Slippery Willie’s Shoe’s is in the first place.”

“Okay, okay, sorry. Slippery Willie is just a kid with slippery feet. He’s always slipping and sliding all over the place. Then he gets these ugly shoes and—hey look, read the book. It explains everything.”

“Whatever—so, anything else you want to say to me?”

“Look, Blog. Don’t you get it. I think I’m embarrassed talking about myself. Okay, satisfied. The truth is out. happy now.”

“Well chump, you had better get over it. If you’re gonna be doing this writing stuff you better let people know about you.”

“Why, Blog. They can just read what I write, right?”

“Not that simple. What are you about. What’s your motivation? What’s your philosophy on things. What excites you, what hurts you, stuff like that. Where are you coming from?”

“Okay, okay. You got me. I’ll think about it. I’ll be back. And by the way, don’t take my leaving personal. At least we scratched the surface, right?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

                                         copyright © 2011 Larry Peterson

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