Reading, Reading & Life review

Reading, Reading & Life
March 7, 2011

Slippery Willie’s Stupid, Ugly Shoes by Larry Peterson – Tribute Books Review
by SenoraG

When I was offered this book to read I had to say yes. Before I even started it I felt a bond with Willie. My daughter had to wear ‘Special Shoes’ because her feet turned in. She only wore them at bedtime but that did not stop her from not wanting to wear them or worrying about it. I tried to make her feel special for having to wear the shoes so I knew what Willie was feeling. Worse for him because he had to wear them to school.

I will be honest, when I read the first few pages I was angry. Children laughing, teachers laughing, what was the message in this book? BUT, I was very wrong, Willie was having a dream and in his dream it was his worst case come alive which was very different then what really happened when he first wore his special shoes to school.

I found this a delightful story. I love books about the differences in people. Whether it be skin color, religion or even physical challenges we are all the same underneath. We must start teaching our children to not see the differences but to accept everyone for who they are, stupid ugly shoes or not.

The pictures were cute. I think they would appeal to a child. They look like pictures that a child would have drawn and that makes them more special in my opinion.

Definitely a book for all children to read or have read to them

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