Bookworm Lisa's review

Bookworm Lisa
March 18, 2011

Stop for Slippery Willie’s Blog Tour
by Lisa Faber

I love this poem at the beginning of the book.
It does not matter…
How tall or short you are,
How big your nose is,
How fast you can run,
How high you can jump,
If you can see or not,
Hear or not,
Or even be wheelchair bound.
You are all God’s special individual creations
and God “don’t make no junk.”

Willie has a problem. He slips and slides where ever he goes. He cannot do many activities that his friends and schoolmates can, because he risks bodily injury. To help with the problem, he has special shoes made for him. He is very unhappy about the solution because they are different looking shoes.

Willie learns a special/hard lesson in this book. Sometimes we think that things will be worse than they really are. At the end of the story is a guide that has ideas for activities and discussion questions to help children think about having empathy. I thought this was a very cute book and a great idea to help children work through some tough situations. I’m giving it 4 out of 5 stars.

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