Splashes of Joy review

Splashes of Joy
June 1, 2011

Slippery Willie’s Stupid Ugly Shoes by Larry Peterson Book Review
by Joy Hannabass

Willie had a problem that no one, not even his Doctor could figure out what was wrong. His feet were so slippery his socks and shoes would not stay on his feet. So finally special shoes were ordered for Willie, and his feet would not be slippery while wearing them. I really felt sorry for Willie. He just did not want to wear those shoes, even if they did help him not to slip and slide. He didn’t want to go through the embarrassment of everyone at school and everyone he would be around to and from school laughing at his stupid shoes. Just what was he going to do about these shoes? Could he really wearing them to school, or would he rather slip and slide his way around? Would mom make him wear them, or would she understand?

This is a really cute story teaching children about peer pressure, and teaching then what can happen to them when they worry too much. It shows a child that is ok to be different, and especially when it something that will be helpful to them. This book is well written and simple for children to understand. And the graphics are awesome! What is a children’s book without really good graphics? They are essential to the story, making the story more dramatic so the child can better understand what he or she is reading. The pictures themselves tell the story in a well illustrated book as this one.

Since all children will face being different at some time or another, I feel this book would be good for any child. It is wonderful to have books like Willie’s Slippery Feet to read to you child even before he faces being different around his or her friends. And the pictures will make the lesson more clear for them as well.

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