Share your thoughts about accepting differences

Please leave a comment with your ideas about how we can accept others who may be different.

Interactive Guide

Suggested Activities

1. Wear something to school that you think is ugly to see if other kids think it is ugly too. (Different viewpoints may enhance empathy.)

2. Volunteer at a local children’s hospital or rehabilitation center for interaction with kids that are “different.”

3. Implement classroom role playing activities among groups, having some kids experiment “alternative” ways of seeing, hearing and moving. (This might help develop positive changes in attitudes and perceptions of handicapped children by non-handicapped children.)

Discussion Questions

1. Have you ever had to wear something to school that made you feel embarrassed? If so, what was it? How did your peers react? Did everyone think it was ugly?

2. What would you do if you were Willie and your shoes would not come off?

3. If you were in school with Willie, and everyone was making fun of him, would you stick up for him or join the others?

4. Some people are tall, some short, some have light skin, some have dark skin, some have bigger noses or ears than others and some have different color eyes. Does this make us all different or are we all still the same?

7 thoughts on “Share your thoughts about accepting differences

  1. I think starting at a very young school age, children should be taught about differences between each other and taught tolerance!Role playing might help. I know that what wassaid to me as a child with a birthmark on my face,there are things that I will never forget!Thanks, Cindijchoppes[at]hotmail[dot]com


  2. Good point windycindy, I think kids should be exposed to people who are different at a young age. Role playing is a great way to teach kids how to be compassionate.nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net


  3. Love the aim of this book. Kuddos to you for sharing with all of us. We are all different and we all feel as if it is what people notice most about us. Weather it be big feet, double chin or any other issue…normally only seen by ourselves. Overcoming the fear is hard but complete in learning that we are different and alike at the same time.Glad to see you on the Tribute Books Blog Tour. Would have enjoyed joining in with you.


  4. Hi, Larry!Would you email me about your book? I'm a book reviewer and I'm interested in reading and reviewing "Slippery Willy…" Darling book!Thanks,Deborah/TheBookishDamethebookishdame@aol.comhttp://abookishlibraria.blogspot.com


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