Coupon Crazed Freebie Fanatics review

Coupon Crazed Freebie Fanatics
November 5, 2011

Slippery Willie’s Stupid, Ugly Shoes – review

by Amber Holt

This book was reviewed by my 12 y/o and 9 y/o daughters and my 9 y/o son. They felt that the beginning was a little repetitive, and that the plot was a “little weird”. They all three seemed to think that the shoes were way too weird, in that even if he had super slippery feet, that the shoes would not look like giant robot shoes.

In my opinion, I thought that the read had great intentions. The overall theory of the book is a great idea. We were all kids once, and we all at one time, were probably made fun of because we were different, so this book has a great idea behind it. However I do have to agree with my children, when they say that it seems a little repetitive in the beginning. Overall a good read though.

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