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Bay Area Mommy
November 9, 2011

Book Review: Slippery Willie’s Stupid, Ugly Shoes
by Alice

cover 195x300 Book Review: Slippery Willies Stupid Ugly ShoesI had an opportunity to review this wonderful book by Larry Peterson.Entitled “Slippery Willie’s Stupid Ugly Shoes“, this book tells about the story of Willie who had feet so slippery that his shoes and socks would slip off his feet even while he’s seated. Doctors were unable to find out why his feet were so slippery so as a solution to his problem, special shoes were made for him.

Willie hated these shoes because he felt they were ugly. Unfortunately, he had no choice but to wear them to school and when he did, everyone laughed at him, his classmates, his teacher, the principal, the school building, the birds, the passengers on an airplane, drivers on the street and even his mom. He felt so embarrassed that he begged his mom to take the locks off the shoes so he can stop wearing them. His mom said she can’t because she lost the keys. Eventually, Willie realized he was just dreaming and when he did wear the shoes, they even elicited praises from those who saw them.


I really appreciate the intent of Larry peterson in this book. I remember when I was child, I would imagine being embarrassed in front of people when in the first place, there isn’t really anything to worry about. I remember being embarrassed that my mom would cook and make me bring my lunch to school. I was embarrassed that she would make me a sandwich instead of just letting me buy junk food in the school cafeteria. As a child, I had a lot of fears and apprehensions that were unreasonable.

And this book captures just that, how a child’s imagination can affect the way they relate with others. This book makes the reader realize that sometimes we just need to understand that different people have different situations, different preferences, different ideas. And just because others are different doesn’t mean that it gives us license to make fun of them or maybe even hate them. We have to understand that God has created us to be unique and we need to accept and love our uniqueness.

I also love how the book ends with an interactive part where questions are asked for the reader to think about. It doesn’t stop at just telling a story. It goes further to engage the reader and encourage him/her to apply what he/she learned based on Willie’s story.

This book is an excellent read for a child and the child-at-heart. No matter what situation they find themselves in life, it is always good to be reminded to respect yourself and respect others.
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