SNEAK PEEK of Chapter Four of the upcoming young adult ebook "The Priest and the Peaches"

A sneak peek of chapter four of The Priest and the Peaches – an upcoming young adult ebook release from Tribute Books by Larry Peterson

Look for the ebook on January 1, 2012:
Kindle ($2.99)
Nook ($4.95)
iPad ($4.99)

“How could they lose his leg?”

By 1965, most families had acquired telephones but the old tried and true method of intra-building communication in the Bronx was far from passe. After all, the phone company charged message units for every call. You certainly were not going to use the phone to call upstairs, downstairs or across the street. No way. You simply used the send & receive system. To send a message, you yelled out the window. To receive a message, you listened for the return yell. It was as simple as that. This extremely effective system even had a playback feature. If you did not understand the yell, you yelled back—“What?” The message would promptly be re-yelled by the sender.

Joanie went into the kitchen, opened the window, gulped in a big burst of frigid air, and turned her head up to yell, “Denis! Denis!”

A few seconds went by and the response came, “Yeah, what is it?”

“They lost Pops’ leg. Teddy wants you to go with him and find it.”

There was a pause. Then a reverberating laughter filled the icy air. Joanie yelled, “You know what Scratch you’re a big JERK.” Then she slammed the window shut.

Take a seven day journey with the five, newly orphaned Peach kids, as they begin their struggle to remain a family while planning their dad’s funeral.

They find an ally in the local parish priest, Father Tim Sullivan, who tries his best to guide them through the strange, unchartered and turbulent waters of “grown-up world.” A story that is sad, funny, and inspiring as it shows how the power of family love and faith can overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

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