SNEAK PEEK of Chapter Nine of the upcoming young adult ebook "The Priest and the Peaches"

A sneak peek of chapter nine of The Priest and the Peaches – an upcoming young adult ebook release from Tribute Books by Larry Peterson

Look for the ebook on January 1, 2012:
Kindle ($2.99)
Nook ($4.95)
iPad ($4.99)

“What’s a chastity belt?”

Teddy and Sarah sat next to each other on the sofa. Teddy pulled the big afghan up tucking it under their necks. The only light in the apartment came from the almost dead Christmas tree. Peace and tranquility settled upon them—a welcome reprieve from a day full of chaos and confusion. After a few quiet moments, Sarah said, “I am so glad I stayed with you.”

Teddy lifted his arm and put it around her. Pulling her close he said, “Me too. Are you, okay? I mean with the not going home thing.”

“No, not really. I know she’ll try to lay all this guilt on me when I get home tomorrow and…oh, just let’s forget it for now. Okay? Nothing has changed anyway. I’m used to it. Just hold me. Okay?”

The sudden quiet coupled with the dim lighting quickly joined forces with their fatigue and vulnerability creating the perfect moment—and just like that they were kissing each other. Slowly, softly, their lips moved back and forth, their youthful passion springing to life. Then an unexpected voice doused the erupting flames. “Hey, what are you doing?”

Surprised, they both turned their heads to see Beeker standing next to the sofa looking down at them. “Damn it, Beeker. What are you doing up?” Teddy asked, “You’re supposed to be in bed.”

“I can’t sleep. I’m not tired.”

Sarah straightened up and ran her hands down over the sides of her tussled hair. “Okay, Beeker, come sit between me and Teddy. It’s okay.”

She pulled the afghan aside and Beeker plopped between them. Sarah tossed the blanket over him tucking it under his chin. “So, what were you doing?” he asked again.

“Nothing, Beeker, nothing,” Teddy said. “We were just giving each other a kiss. Is that okay with you?”

“Yes, Teddy. It’s okay with me.” Beeker than giggled a bit and leaned his head next to Sarah’s arm. Within a minute, he was fast asleep.

Sarah said quietly, “I think it might be a good thing he came in here.”

Teddy sighed, “I know, I know. Problem is, I don’t think I cared. I didn’t want to stop. When I start kissing you and holding you…well…something happens and…you know what I mean.”

“Maybe my mother’s right. We could get into trouble. We have to avoid these kind of situations.”

Take a seven day journey with the five, newly orphaned Peach kids, as they begin their struggle to remain a family while planning their dad’s funeral.

They find an ally in the local parish priest, Father Tim Sullivan, who tries his best to guide them through the strange, unchartered and turbulent waters of “grown-up world.” A story that is sad, funny, and inspiring as it shows how the power of family love and faith can overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

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