Launching "The Priest and The Peaches"

Just wanted to empty myself a bit. My first novel, “The Priest and The Peaches” has been officially launched and I must admit, it is a scary time for me. As an author you spend inordinate amounts of time putting the work together. From the original idea that danced around inside your head to scattered notes, onward to a first draft you go. You now have gotten wet up to your ankles. You read what you have and think, “This stinks”, and start over. Now you are in up to your knees and have to re-write again. Maybe six months has gone by or maybe two years. Some folks take ten years to actually write a novel.(It took me about a year and a half) When I finally looked at the finished work I knew in my heart I was done. I also knew that I should go back and make it “better”. But you have to know when it is time to get in the ‘”deep water” and see if you will sink or swim. That is the time you expose yourself for what you are as a writer. For me, I am in the deep water and, so far, I have not went under. It is hard to believe, but the book has received some wonderful reviews. A half dozen folks have contacted me and they have all told me that they “couldn’t put it down” and read the entire book in one sitting. That blows me away.

Anyway, I am humbled  by the fact that I was able to create something that brought enjoyment to others and simultaneously put forth the  good message of “Love your neighbor”. The book has only been out about a week so time will tell its future. Onward and forward. The sequel is in the works and  I am  almost up to my ankles.

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