Book Lovin' Mamas – Guest Post by Larry & Review

At Book Lovin’ Mamas, Larry talks about how he came to write books like The Priest and the Peaches, “I spent 15 years working in the building trades in NYC with the Metal Lathers/Reinforcing Iron Workers until I was forced to leave that business when an insidious little demon known as MS (a handy little acronym for Multiple Sclerosis) attacked my central nervous system causing me to begin stumbling around like a drunk and then leaving me almost unable to walk at all.”

Book Lovin’ Mamas reviews The Priest and the Peaches, “This book took me out of my fantasy world for awhile and made me realize, I need to pick up more books like Larry Peterson’s. A book that really can teach you something in the end, even if it’s fiction. He made me fall in with the characters. He made me realize how much I wanted to jump in the book and help them out.”

To read the full guest post, click here.

To read the full review, click here.

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