Larry talks about … describing his work

Describing my work requires me to more or less describe myself. Basically, I am a “blue-collar guy”. It is the world I come from, a world of hard working, hard drinking, construction workers, longshoremen, cops, fireman, railroad workers, bus drivers, truck drivers, sanitation workers, etc., who for the most part were family men who loved their God, their families and their country—unconditionally. Consequently, if you ask me to describe my work (as a writer) I would call it “blue-collar.” What does that mean? Well, I believe my work is simple fair, minimally superlative, no-nonsense, easily readable, flows quickly and is, (I work hard at this), well crafted. There is lots of dialogue and I tend to be omniscient. Maybe too much. If you read “The Priest and The Peaches” you will see how often different characters are “thinking” about something. I think that is because all of the characters and I are part of each other. No one is incidental or simply an after thought stuck in a scene to expedite it.

You know, I always wanted to be a writer but it took me a very long time to actually get here. I make no excuses for that because I was where I was when I was needed and always tried my best to do the right thing when I had to do it, even if it took years. As we enter 2012 I am enjoying what I call, “my permanent senior moment.” I am, at last, a writer. Ain’t that something.

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