Larry talks about…writing about struggle and loss

Here’s something about my own experience working through “pain” and how books and writing have helped me push through. Well now, this topic truly challenged me, forcing me to look inside myself and, I must admit, that many of the memories that have been stuffed into the far recesses of my mind have been resurrected and it is sometimes unnerving for me when they start suddenly and unexpectedly begin reappearing. (Man, I feel like I’m writing in a journal here and maybe it is a good thing–not sure).

Understand this—writing and books have come after the fact. I was 15 when my mother died. Strangely, I could hardly remember a thing about her. The sound of her voice, what she liked to eat, her favorite color, favorite actor, etc. The only thing I remembered was that she loved the “I Love Lucy” show. That was it. Even writing the book did not jar the memories loose. What has freed some memories from their dark cave has been posts like this one. They have forced me to think about what has been. This is a place I rarely go. I mean, I do know that this place exists but I avoid it. Sometimes I think that sub-consciously I have done this as an act of self-preservation. I’m not sure. We are all so uniquely different yet we are all so similar. Fascinating–

I have personally experienced the death of my folks when I and my siblings were quite young. I have lived through the death of my daughter at birth, the death of my first wife from cancer, the death of my kid brother and the death of my best friend. My second wife is recovering from chemo treatments and her cancer is in remission. I have had major surgery for prostate cancer and, after almost five years, I am cancer free. I also have MS which, for five years, left me almost unable to walk. That was 25 years ago and today I am doing great and walk around just like most folks. How all of this affects my writing, I have no idea. I guess it must and maybe someday I’ll figure it all out.

Here’s the thing and I know you guys are a lot younger than I so, take some advice from an “old guy”. The key to overcoming adversity, first and foremost, is having faith in God. Now, I know a lot of folks think that is “gobbley-gook”. But many know I am right. Faith is that great intangible. You can’t see it or touch it or smell it. But, it is the greatest of all gifts and all one has to do is ask God to walk with them. He’ll DO IT! Once you do that you have laid the very foundation to build an inner peace that will transport you through any adversity you may encounter. Then–write your little heart out.

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