Larry answers more of your questions

What’s your current project?
I have started writing the sequel to “The Priest and The Peaches”. This will see the younger boys go to rural New Jersey for their summer vacation to stay with friends of Father Sullivan’s. Things will happen and we shall delve into the paranormal, no vampire or zombies, but rather a good vs evil thing. That’s all I can say right now.

How do you respond to a reviewer if its not favorable?
Unfavorable reviews should be welcome (unless they are all unfavorable—then you might have a problem) because you can learn from them. It is nice to get a different slants or POVs from people you do not know. It can only help you as a writer.

How do you advertise your work?
Well, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and, of course, these type of reviews and guest blogs and interviews etc. I am weak in this area but hopefully I’ll get better at it as time goes by.

Do you have daily writing goals you set for yourself?
Not really. Some people want to make sure they do so many words a day etc. I can’t do that. —my goal is to write something and to discipline myself so as not to be distracted by ‘stuff”. When you work from home all sorts of things go on and you have to stay on track as best you can. So, sometimes I can throw down 10k words. Other times I might get two paragraphs done. I am what I am and that’s me.

Do you belong to any writing chapters and how do you feel they help you?
I belong to the Catholic Writer’s Guild and I do post a blog for them about once a month about writing. I listen to the feedback and it helps that way.

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