Larry answers even MORE of your questions

What drew you to writing this book?
Good question. For starters, let me say that although this is primarily a work of fiction, all fiction (at least in my mind) comes from, in essence, who we really are. My brothers and sister did lose our parents when we were very young and, trust me, it was quite the everday adventure moving forward. Having said that I must admit that I never planned to write a book based on any of that. Anyway, about five years ago our brother, Bobby, died unexpectedly. We all are very close and it was a tough time. At the funeral we were sitting around reminiscing about the “good old days” and all of the crazy stuff that had went on back then. We had a great time and laughter and back slapping ruled and this was at his funeral. For me, it was a beautiful thing. So I guess his funeral is what “drew” me to eventually write the book based on things that happened 45 years ago. Like I said, the book is fiction and many of the characters and incidents are fictional. The five kids are based on real people. My daughter, who is a social-worker, believes I did this for therapeutic reasons. Maybe I did. I don’t know.

It is so sad to think of five kids dealing with the death of their father, what is the beauty behind the sadness?
The beauty behind their sadness lies in the fact that they were able to join together as a family and to be able to L-Y-N (love your neighbor) as they began their separate journey’s through life. It was a legacy from their deceased father who had bequeathed that quality to them.

What is your favorite part about your book, no spoilers, if possible!!
The ending and I won’t spoil anything by mentioning it.

Share something personal –
I never mentioned this or owned up to it or—well, I’m a movie crier. It’s probably ridiculous but I even cried at the end of “Christmas Story” the other night when Ralphie finally got his Red-Ryder BB Gun. What got me (again) was the look on his dad’s face (Darren McGavin). He was just so happy that he could do that for his boy and all he did was display a slight smile of satisfaction. Great job of acting at that moment. It got to me. LOL

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