The Priest and The Peaches
by Larry Peterson 
The Story Behind the Cover 

This was my first cover art job as a solo cover artist (though working with Bokheim Media at this point) thanks to a wonderful chance I was given by Nicole Langan from Tribute Books. I was(am) so honored to have had my first official cover art commission piece for a novel that was not my own, have been for The Priest and The Peaches and

She showed me the cover of Sweetly by Jackson PearceThe Other Life bySusanne Winnacker and If you Go Into the Woods by  David Gaughran and mentioned that she wanted a similar vibe that matched The Priest and the Peaches. She let me read the novel and I loved the unique feeling the story had. The characters were all so vivid in my mind’s eye. I ended up deciding to use vines with a peach background and the silhouettes of the family and this time did not buy an image to work with but created the images myself.
This was the result:

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