This Christmas a "Bronx cheer" for the Unintelligent

The Christmas season has triggered what seems to be an all out barrage of vitriolic ranting and raving by a gaggle of the enlightened, highbrow, polished, pompous, intelligentsia that satisfy their quest for validation by spewing their crap all over the place. You know what—Christmas IS a celebration of the birth of a child and the peace and joy and promise that came along with that birth. That is what the “Holiday” is all about. What is wrong with these people? How did they get so UNINTELLIGENT? As a man who loves the Christmas season and all it represents and all it has done for so many, to all you self-righteous, moronic thickwits who despise the word CHRISTMAS and hate what it represents, I say, BLUBLLLBLUBLLL!–that is a “Bronx Cheer” written out.

Let us briefly review the success of the unintelligent over the last several weeks. The word “Christmas” is banned in some schools. Kids in some schools are NOT allowed to hand out religious Christmas cards. Nativity scenes are banned from many schools and public places. I could go on and on but for what. If you are reading this you get it. The ultimate in “Unintelligent Babble” came from NBC’s medical director, Nancy Snyderman. Somehow she managed to summon from deep within herself a pronouncment  that when it comes to Christmas, “religion mucks the whole thing up”. I heard it–she said it and it is all over the tube if you would like to hear it for yourself. That’s right, “religion mucks the whole thing up”. This from a highly trained and well educated woman. Hey Nancy—BLUBLLLBLUBLLL!!

Finally, let me mention the DC Abortion Fund. These folks have decided to celebrate a baby  whose birth brought “joy to the world” by having a “Peace, Joy and Choice Winter Holiday Party” at the upscale Capitale Lounge in Washington D.C.  Five per-cent of the money from their drink orders go to fund the organization’s sole  purpose which is to help fund abortions so babies preparing to be born can be obliterated. (Maybe they are big fans of King Herod.) How convenient to use a day they denigrate to raise money to defile what the entire season represents. And they all pretend that they are so well educated and sophisticated. Yeah, right.

It is less than two weeks until Christmas. I am sick and tired of all of this anti-Christmas, anti-religion nonsense coming from a tiny percentage of the misguided who simply want to take the joy they refuse to experience away from the vast majority who do. Look, if you choose to embrace a concept that does not make sense and  be miserable, knock yourselves out.  But leave us alone. Celebrating peace, joy and love is a GOOD thing. I truly extend my wishes to ALL for a blessed Christmas Holiday. If you refuse to accept the sentiment—BLUBLLLBLUBLLL!!!!

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