Time to UNTEACH Racism–Our Children deserve It

by Larry Peterson

When the verdict was read at the Zimmerman trial the words, “not guilty”, reverberated across the entire country. Following  those words a dark and ominous cloud of racial pollution drifted out of that courtroom in Sanford, FL and managed to blanket the entire nation.

Why? The American system of justice had worked, had it not? An impartial jury had weighed all of the evidence and, following the law as instructed by the court, rendered a fair and impartial verdict. Whatever is going on? Isn’t that what we wanted? Why all the vitriol? Why all the hatred? Here’s why–politics.  Politics has become anathema to the very fabric of our  nation because, for those in  power, their politics trumps God, family and country.

I truly believe that the vast majority of the American people, white, black, brown, red, yellow or whomever, are NOT racists.  The true racists are the ones who foment anarchy using race as the bait. You all know who I mean so no sense going into a litany of names. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream, remember? These people are making a mockery of his legacy and turning his “dream” into a nightmare.

See this picture above? The caption is TRUE. Want proof, read on.

The day after the “not guilty” verdict in Sanford, the 49 year-old manager of a Family Dollar store in Tampa was shot to death during a robbery. Horsley Shorter Jr., a 26-year Army veteran, was coming to the aid of the clerk who was being held up.  The clerk he was defending was white. The perpetrator of the crime was a black man. So was Horsley Shorter.

Mr. Horsley cared about helping his fellow man, not the man’s skin color. He gave his life so this man might live. I have not heard anything about Horsley Shorter Jr. on any TV or radio programs. Why not? Horsley Shorter is an unsung American hero.  But I guess his story provides no political advantage to anyone? Isn’t that a sad thing?

The picture above demonstrates the innocence of children. They do not care about skin color. They just care about each other. Racism enters their lives when mature, narrow-minded people, uneducated and educated alike, teach them to “HATE“. It is disgusting and the people who are promulgating and playing this “race card” have perverted the enormous gains that have been made between whites and blacks over the last century.

From the bully-pulpit commanded by the President, to the Attorney General, to the former Secretary of State and U.S.Senator, to the Sharptons, and Jacksons and Hollywood know-nothing elitists; it is time for all of you to start preaching brotherhood. Our children deserve that. All of us do.

                      ©Larry Peterson  2013 All Rights Reserved

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