A Note to all you Whiny Atheists, et al: I am Tired of Your "Nonsense"

by Larry Peterson

Veteran’s Peace Cross: Prince George County, Maryland

We just celebrated Memorial Day where we honored all those who gifted their nation and their fellow citizens with their most precious possession—their lives.  Memorial Day is a poignant holiday with deep and profound meaning. There is even a scent in the air and it is called tribute and gratitude. The vast majority of Americans sense this and it causes them to maybe just slow down a bit, breathe it in, and give a thought to those being honored on this special day, this uniquely American day. And then, you have the miniscule population of God-haters, the mental Lilliputians of our land, aka atheists.

I am so tired of their nonsense. SO, to all you whiny, cranky atheists, agnostics, humanists and God-haters let me say:
        I have nothing against you. I do not care what you believe in. Worship a tortoise shell, love a Dogwood tree, cuddle a plush toy.  Good for you–knock yourself out.  But why do you have such a problem with the vast majority of us who believe in God and wish to honor Him?  Don’t you understand how you offend all of us with your ranting and raving about our core beliefs.  Don’t you care about any of us?  Are you so wrapped up with your own personal wonderment that you cannot see beyond your  ill-conceived justifications for God-hating?  (Hey look, God is about LOVE, right, so what is so bad about that?)  Don’t you understand?  Can’t you grasp  how deeply faith in God is embedded in so many of your fellow citizens?  It is part of our American genetic fabric. Why don’t you care about our feelings and how hurt we can be at God being mocked and trashed?  Maybe you are just jealous and wish that you could have some of what the rest of us have. Is that it?  If that is the reason then it is simply yours for the asking.  Our entire existence on this planet is predicated by the perfection around us.  Imagine no time or no seasons, or no night and day?  Do you think all of that surrounds us and supports our very existence just happened through some random explosion?  Try taking apart an iPhone and blowing up the pieces. See if you get a better and improved iPhone.

What prompted me to write this to you was your latest temper tantrum being directed at the Veteran’s Peace Cross in Maryland.  This 40 foot cross was erected almost 100 years ago and honors 39 fallen, WWI soldiers from the area.  Woodrow Wilson, the 28th president, was in office when it was dedicated.  So, one of your people,  a guy by the name of Fred Edwords (not misspelled) is the founder of an organization called the “United Coalition for Reason”. Fred’s organization is for atheists, agnostics, humanists and whoever other God-deniers or haters would like to join. (Maybe you belong to this group).  Anyway, Edwords and his group filed suit against the cross to “save the taxpayers the money” of having to maintain it.  How noble of them.

I could go on and on about this but these people get enough attention. The name, United Coalition of Reason, is, in my opinion, an oxymoron. It contradicts itself.  It is actually a silly name.  Why? Because “Reason” will lead a person to the existence of an intelligent being (most of us call that being “God”) because perfection cannot be the result of a random explosion. Atheism is the result of a missing ingredient. Not having this ingredient causes a condition known as  “Denial”. If an atheist could somehow ingest, inject or simply breathe in a heavy dose of this ingredient they might catch a glimpse of that Intelligent Being and His benevolent hand that has crafted all we know. That ingredient is called Humility.  

2 thoughts on “A Note to all you Whiny Atheists, et al: I am Tired of Your "Nonsense"

  1. Anonymous

    Assuming the acceptance of the possibility of a creative, intelligence existing, that some refer to as "God"….which is a big leap for many,a leap that defies reason.Even if a creative intelligence did exist that is behind the "big bang" bringing the universe into being, why should one assume that this "creative intelligence" even cares about its' creation any more than the wind cares about the shaping of the sand dunes or any more than the hurricane cares about anything in the path of its' destruction? If there is an entity who cares for humanity, and is all powerful, this entity keeps well hidden indeed? We as humans have a tendency to anthropomorphize concepts….hence the need to do the same with the concept of a god. I know that people are afraid of "oblivion" and non being when they die, and a drowning man will grasp at any straw in order to give his life some ultimate meaning and purpose. I know it is a hard pill to swallow,but really, when one looks around at the world and faces reality and history, one sees no real indication of an all powerful, loving god. The majority of mankind and all of nature has been suffering and dying under horrible conditions for millions of years, ever since life crawled out of the "primordial ooze" and evolved into homo Sapiens. "Nature is red in tooth and claw.The universe,aka creator/nature, is not malevolent, just indifferent. "Because I am not a theist, I have no desire to deprive others from grasping at their straws of hope. I am not one of the "new angry atheists" so called…. bent on destroying religion. In fact I think that religions can serve a good purpose for many, in providing hope in the face of despair and suffering….that is when they are not persecuting and killing each other.


  2. Dear Anonymous, If you seek you shall , indeed, find. Finding God is a personal choice. HE is available to each and every one of us. HE is not (as you suggest) an inanimate thing (tree, rock, river etc). We all have been given free will and it is the massive egos in so many of us that are at the root of all the despair and suffering you mention. God does NOT do that. We do. Someday, take a shot and sit down and talk to GOD. He just might answer you and then you will see where I and others are coming from. Good luck and best wishes to you,Larry P


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