THE PICTURE: From 2014; The Angelic Face of "Little Christy"


by Larry Peterson

If there is one thing that is etched into my mind when I think back about the year of 2014 it is THE PICTURE. I am not trying to be graphic or shocking or anything like that. I am just trying to show  how an innocent child can be brutally murdered on camera because she was born Christian, killed for propaganda purposes, and the outcry from the world is barely audible. I do not understand.

Look at THE PICTURE below. You should feel sickened by it. It should repulse you. It should even give you nightmares. First the evil agents of Satan murdered her mom. (Make no mistake, this is the work of Satan and his followers.) Then they murdered this innocent, frightened child. I never knew her real name. I named her “Little Christy” because she was killed for being a follower of Christ.  (She did not even know this). Look at THE PICTURE. This is the evil that is spreading like rampaging locusts all across the planet. It has even started in our own country.

About 40 miles south of Indianapolis, Indiana is the city of Columbus, population about 45 thousand. Recently, three churches were vandalized on the same night. The common words sprayed on the walls were “INFIDELS” and KORAN 3:151.  This verse states, “We will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve for what they have associated with Allah (reference to Christian Trinity) of which he had not sent down any authority. And their refuge will be fire, and wretched is the residence of the wrongdoers.”

Australia, Canada, Europe, and now the United States. The Evil has spread. We had all better be vigilant and pray. It is time for all Americans to  join together to confront what has stepped across our very thresholds of peace, our churches. Look at THE PICTURE. Those who took it are ruled by “hate” and have NO boundaries.

                                        copyright December 31,2014 Larry Peterson
Remembering 2014–Killing Christians; Including  Baby Christy


5 thoughts on “THE PICTURE: From 2014; The Angelic Face of "Little Christy"

  1. This child is the same age as the children that Herod had slaughtered.2000 years ago. EVIL is not just a word, it is 'perfect hatred' initiated by Satan and carried out by his earthly followers who will be joining him in Hades sooner than they might think.


  2. Anonymous

    I actually can't handle the picture.. Yes it gave me nightmares and made me shudder for months after seeing this picture for the first time.. I cried myself to sleep at night. I do not understand how someone can do this except for pure evil!!!!!!!! Karen.


  3. Larry, the question has come up among my friends of this story's legitimacy. Can you please post references to where we can prove it's authenticity on here, so I can forward it to my friends? Thanks.God bless and Mary keep you always!


  4. Hi Jourard, Thank you for the question and it is a valid one. This picture was first posted last April 11.The Daily Mail in UK reported on it and there were some people who suggested it was staged for propaganda for Bassar of Syria. However, it was also posted on: The Real Singapore; International Christian Concern;; and other places. This picture is either from Syria or Mosul in Iraq. Since ISIS has killed many children in many horrible ways, I believe the message in this picture is real. Even if not, just staging something like this is horrible. My original post on this was last August and by then it was (to my understanding) authenticated. However there are still some people who doubt it.


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